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Carved into the rock on the side of a mountain directly under the Har HaMenuchot cemetery here lies the entrance to Jerusalem’s newest necropolis, a city of the dead that its … more
Jewish and Israel-related groups quickly reacted to the announcement by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that the U.S. would no longer view Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria as illegal under … more
Ever since the Muslim conquest, occupation and colonization of the Middle East and North Africa in the 7th century, the region’s Jews, among others, lived under a dhimmi status. While the … more
For Israel, President Donald Trump has been the gift that keeps on giving. Now Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is asking for another present: U.S. recognition of Israeli sovereignty over … more
Defense Minister Naftali Bennet approved the planning of a new Jewish neigh-borhood in Hebron, one week after 50,000 people celebrated Parsha Chayei Sarah at Kever ha Machpelah. A Jew outside Kever … more
The largest hospital in Israel will be built in Beersheva if a proposal to expand an area that the city can develop is approved by the National Council for Planning and Construction, according to … more
Despite the intense focus on Israel’s ongoing political stalemate, the Israeli media has found plenty of room in recent days to run lengthy features on food, music, sports, shopping and … more
Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett on Sunday approved the planning of a new Jewish neighborhood in Hebron. The decision comes after years of legal battles between the city’s Jewish and … more
Back when I lived in America, I wouldn’t have called myself a helicopter parent. I would have said that I was vigilant. I would have told you that my husband and I were “boundaried” as parents, … more
The statement by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that Israel’s settlements “are not inconsistent with international law” has been predictably greeted with adulation by … more
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