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We all love getting those cute 3-minute video clips during the day that give us a laugh or a smile. Recently, someone sent me a clip that got me thinking. In it, a fellow gives his two sons a … more
Our parasha, Behaalotecha, is unique as it contains the only instance in the Torah with verses preceded and followed by an inverted letter nun (Bamidbar 10:35-36). One of the better-known … more
The parsha of Behaalotecha speaks about the silver trumpets — clarions — Moshe was commanded to make (Bamidbar 10:1-2): “Make two trumpets of silver; make them of hammered work. … more
It was a lesson I learned long ago as a high school classroom teacher. I was new at this line of work, and found that my greatest challenge was to motivate the students. I tried various … more
One of the reasons given for the Levites’ positions of holiness was on account of their not having participated in the sin of the Golden Calf. Separating themselves from the community of … more
Parshat Naso contains the law of the Nazirite — the individual who undertook to observe special rules of holiness and abstinence: not to drink wine or other intoxicants (including anything … more
The term is one that I first heard back in high school. There are times I find it helpful, and there are times I find myself resistant to it. The term is “Judeo-Christian.” This … more
The laws pertaining to the Nazirite are found in this week’s parasha: “A man or woman who sets himself apart by making a nazirite vow to abstain for the sake of the L-rd, he shall … more
Anyone listening to this week’s reading, Naso, knows that there is a lot of repetition. The twelve nesi’im each bring their respective offering for the dedication of the altar. Aside … more
On September 7, 2007, Israel bombed a compound of buildings in eastern Syria, which, as it later reported, was a nuclear reactor being built with the assistance of North Korea. In a 2012 article … more
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