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The primary focus of our parasha is the illness known as tzara’at. The unique nature of this class of disease is emphasized by the Rashbam in his introduction to our topic:  “All … more
This Shabbat will be Rosh Chodesh, and we will read Parshat HaChodesh in addition to Tazria — an uncommon opportunity to take out three Torahs. Both Parshat HaChodesh and this Rosh Chodesh … more
In 1948, things did not look promising for the Jews. The armies of Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, prepared to attack the new State of Israel as soon as the British pulled out, vowing to push the Jews … more
Towards the beginning of Parashat Tzav we find a depiction of the general korban mincha (“meal offering”), and a similar personal offering brought by the High Priest, Aharon. Both … more
In 2014, three scholars from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania published an important paper on the science of timing — how temporal landmarks impact on the way we organize … more
The second verse of our parasha presents the commandment to offer a korban olah, a completely burnt offering, in the Mishkan and later the Beit Hamikdash: “Command (tzav) Aaron and his … more
There are certain phrases or expressions that many of us find hard to say. “I love you” is one of them. Another such phrase is “thank you.” Although these words are … more
This sedra, Tzav, speaking about sacrifices, prohibits the eating of blood: “Wherever you live, you must not eat the blood of any bird … more
I noticed the jeep in the distance almost immediately; it was impossible to miss. We were on maneuvers deep in the Negev desert, and there was nothing around but us. Sure enough, 20 minutes … more
Parshat Zachor has a bit of a cult following. People who are not necessarily strict to hear Torah readings in general will run to shul to hear Parshat Zachor. Many synagogues have multiple readings … more
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