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    The mourning for Miriam is wholly inadequate, and it opened the door for the unfortunate events of Mei Merivah, which concluded with a need for different leadership to bring the … more
Not long ago, I heard a powerful vignette from Rabbi Marvin Hier, the former director of the Simon Wiesenthal center. When Simon Wiesenthal, the famous Holocaust survivor and Nazi hunter, celebrated … more
The mitzvah of the parah adumah (Red Heifer) is the focal point of the beginning of our parasha: “This is the statute of the Torah that the L-rd commanded, saying: Speak to the children of … more
In college I took some classes in film theory and design. I can only imagine how artistic filmmakers would set up the scene of Bilaam riding on his donkey in the moments when the donkey veers off the … more
This is an extraordinary moment in Jewish history, for good and not-so-good reasons. For the first time in almost 4,000 years we have simultaneously sovereignty and independence in the land and state … more
Nineteen hundred and forty two years ago, this week (on the 17th day of the Hebrew month of Tammuz), the end finally began. After two and a half years of siege, the Roman Legions broke through the … more
We only hear what we want to hear. We only see what we want to see.” This statement about human nature, pessimistic though it may be, rings true to most of us. It helps explain all sorts of … more
The most celebrated pasuk of our parasha is “mah tovu:” “How goodly are your tents, O Jacob, your dwelling places, O Israel!” (Bamidbar 24:5) As early as the beginning of the … more
It is a scene that still has the power to shock and disturb. The people complain. There is no water. It is an old complaint and a predictable one. That is what happens in a desert. Moshe should have … more
The Jewish community in the United States is pleased and proud to live in a democracy. What is a democracy? It is often described as a society in which all are equal. But this description falls short … more
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