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Sefer Bereishit contains the narratives of a number of larger-than-life individuals whose values and behaviors guide us until this very moment. In broad terms, it is the story of Adam and Eve, Noah, … more
When we read the story of Yosef and his brothers carefully, a number of things jump out at us that mirror the Torah’s narrative from the depiction of creation. … more
Compromise is a challenging word, ranging from the noble to the naïve. How does one know when compromise is called for, and when it is actually a tragic mistake? … more
It was a small mutzav (fortified position) on the Qasmiyeh Bridge, deep in the IDF security zone in Lebanon and far from the border and Hezbollah, until the IDF, as part of a gradual withdrawal, … more
Parashat Vayishlach contains the rather perplexing pasuk: “And G-d went up from him [Jacob] in the place where He had spoken with him.” (Bereishit 35:13)* We immediately find that … more
We are a people who are proud to honor the Bris Milah and willingly and unquestioningly circumcise our sons. We do this because of our commitment to our end of the Covenant, and our belief that as … more
Our parasha, Toldot, focuses on Rachel Emeinu and the intense psychological pain and suffering that resulted from her inability to bear children: “And Rachel saw that she had not borne [any … more
In Parshat Ki Tetze we are told about a man who has two wives, one who is beloved (ahuva) and one who is detested (s’nuah) (Devarim 21:15). Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch notes that the term used … more
Tibor Rubin was a Corporal in the Korean War when his battalion was ambushed by thousands of Chinese troops in the battle of Unsan, North Korea, in the fall of 1950. The Americans’ firepower … more
Unaware that she was carrying twins, Rivkah has second thoughts when the “child” in her rumbles around. The rabbis teach us that when she passed a house of study Yaakov tried to emerge, … more
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