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Human beings will go against every natural instinct for reasons that often cannot be explained. We will give away our food, despite being hungry, when others are in need. We will give another our … more
Three different individuals inspired me to write this week’s column. One was a newspaper editor who “dared” to censor a sentence in one of my submissions. The other was a very wise …. One was a newspaper editor who “dared” to cen more
The Five Books of the Torah contain two instances of the phrase, “vayikra Hashem el Moshe,” “and Hashem called to Moshe.” The first appears in Shemot 24:16, in the context of … more
The American Declaration of Independence speaks of the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Recently, following the pioneering work of Martin Seligman, founder of … more
In a cattle car in Poland, in the summer of 1942, Reb Azriel Dovid Fastag, a composer for the Modzitzer Rebbe, was headed to his death in Treblinka. Over a hundred Jews, forced to stand for days on … more
Our parasha contains the final verse of Sefer Shemot: “For the cloud of the L-rd was upon the Mishkan by day, and there was fire within it at night, before the eyes of the entire house of … more
Many people have a misconception about Judaism that impedes their ability to take it seriously and to commit to living the Jewish way of life. Let me tell you about one such person and the … more
In the fall of 2012, Israel was again preparing for war in response to the thousands of missiles being fired indiscriminately from the Gaza Strip into the population centers of southern Israel. … more
The Yalkut Shimoni’s opening comment in his Midrashic exposition on Parshas Vayakhel is translated as follows: “Vayakhel Moshe, and Moshe gathered: Our Rabbis, the master … more
Vayakel and Pekudei are narrative Torah portions that describe the creation of the Mishkan and the bigdei kehuna. The word “vayaas” — “and he made” — is used … more
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