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By the middle of Passover, the only thing I crave is lettuce and cucumber. It is the start of my clean eating time; I’m ready to replenish the house with only foods that are clean and fresh … more
As I write this, we are almost two weeks from Passover, and panic is setting in. It moves in at this time of year and leaves after the last Seder dishes are put away. There is just so much to do, … more
How many people will be coming to your Seder who have food issues, from gluten sensitivity to outright allergies? Allergy and sensitivity issues are becoming more and more commonplace and require a … more
The joy of Passover desserts eludes many who do not like the taste of matzah meal. They would have to be resigned to fruit compote or tasteless sponge cake. I did not like either of those … more
It’s that time again — Purim is over, the costumes are away, and the shalach manot are almost gone! It is time to start using up the chametz and preparing for Pesach, as far in … more
Can you believe we are back in Daylight Savings Time and Pesach is only a month away? Yup. Time flies and we are now in that time of year I like to call “purge the wheat.” We have to … more
As I sit here waiting for another snowstorm to arrive, it is hard to believe that Purim is just around the corner. That means it is time to start making shalach manot and almost time to start using … more
We are always learning new things about nutrition and ways food can help us stay healthy far longer than ever before. There is even a new school of thought that looks at food as if it actually is … more
The history of Jews and cake is a long one. Jews made sweet pastries as far back as is traceable. Coffee cakes, sponge cakes for Pesach, tarts and tortes have been part of the Jewish menu for … more
February is the month of my birth. I was, my parents told me, supposed to be born on February 14, a day neither of my parents celebrated as it was not on the Jewish calendar. But that year, my … more
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