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There is an old Broadway song that urges us to “Look to the Rainbow” — for love, luck and a happy life. Another one tells us that beyond the rainbow is a place where dreams come … more
Hot! Hot! Hot! The weather is doing what it does in the summer. It heats up, the humidity rises and the air stops moving. Stale and hot. If you can get to the beach, go. If you have air conditioning, … more
Summer time is ice cream time. It’s also fresh fruit and vegetable time, and drippy watermelon time, and real lemonade time. It is the perfect time for vegetarians to rejoice, and the perfect … more
It’s not too early to think about the Fourth of July, that red, white and blue holiday that celebrates the birth of our country. I love America, I love July 4th … more
It’s time to roll out the grill and start cooking outside. It is almost summer, and we sometimes get more than two days in a row of sunshine and blue skies. The kids are done with school, … more
Father’s Day is upon us, a day to celebrate dads who do so much for their kids. Dads today are a new breed. They populate pediatrician’s offices with sick kids, attend PTA meetings and … more
It is almost time for one of the few holidays that allows us to put away the chicken soup. Shavuot is the holiday of cream and cheese and white foods. It is a sweet holiday celebrated with lots … more
Blueberries are here, and so are the first baby lettuces of the season. We’ve had so much rain this spring that the lettuces may even be full grown by now. These two arrivals to the … more
The upside of all the rain we’ve had this past month is that the rhubarb in my yard is phenomenal this year. The leaves are two feet across and the stalks are two feet high and as thick as … more
Peas. Just say the word, and kids run for cover. Peas are the food that people love to hate. I hated them. My kids hated them. My mother hated them. And then my dad began to grow them in his … more
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