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Kites are colorful fabrics attached to a string, soaring on the wind like a bird, with the added frill of petite bows attached to the string, the stuff of a child’s summer joy. Balloons are … more
The essence of Memorial Day is to remember and honor the brave men and women who served in the U.S. military, without whom we wouldn’t have the beautiful free and protected country we are … more
When I was a little girl, living a sheltered religious childhood where profanity was unheard and unacceptable, whenever I would hear people speak of “Aza,” Gaza in Hebrew, I would blush … more
The older I get, the more I understand about how painful a place the biblicalir miklat, the city of refuge or sanctuary city, was. According to seferBamidbar, there were six of them … more
Sometimes a cluster of unrelated events transpiring in close succession seem to have an invisible dialogue all its own. Last week was just such a week. It started with the milestone of modern day … more
Not too far off, I hope to live the words of hashiveini v’ashuva el ha-aretz ha-tova, a phrase from Naomi Shemer’s song, “Al Kol Eleh,” that I think of often. “Bring me … more
Sometimes you hear about someone only after he or she has left this world, and you so badly wish you had had the opportunity to meet them face to face in their lifetime. So it was for me this past … more
I feel like I never eat so well, or at least so creatively, as the weeks leading to Pesach. Between cleaning out the pantry, the fridge and the freezer, there are many permutations of meals to … more
Altough I was just a little girl when I first watched the Eurovision song contest, I remember it like it was yesterday. With no TV at home, we had the privilege of staying up late and … more
It’s funny how the moment Purim ends, the switch to Pesach is immediate. It’s not too early to start discussing specific components of the seder, such as charoset. Ben and Jerry’s … more
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