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Brrr … it’s cold out there! We’ve been experiencing a cold snap here. While I am usually pleased with my first floor apartment across from Central Park, used to lying in bed … more
As a gesture of gratitude to Trump being the first American president to acknowledge the reality of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Israel Katz, Israel’s minister of transport, announced … more
Last week, a video of IDF soldiers on duty in the Arab village of Nebi Salach went viral. It showed teens repeatedly provoking the soldiers — the soldiers are pushed, slapped, screamed at and … more
Initially, I had noble literary plans as a Chanukah project for this year’s holiday. Going with the theme of “light,” I thought it would be interesting to compile the best … more
For eight days, at twilight, we will be kindling in the darkness, our windows ablaze in light. Since we were very little, we were raised with the idea that we light chanukiot to publicize the miracle … more
This week in my neighborhood on the Upper West Side there was a bit of a brouhaha. A new “children’s” book was published by someone named Golbarg Bashi, called “P is for … more
It is in last week’s Torah portion of Toldot that we see the genesis of so much of the conflict in the world. After 20 years of childlessness, Rebecca has finally conceived. Yet her pregnancy … more
When people jogged or ran, back in the 1980s and 1990s, it was mostly for the utilitarian purpose of staying fit. Running was exercise. Now, when people commit to run a marathon, there often is a … more
Every year, as the yahrzeit of Yitzhak Rabin rolls around, subconsciously I feel some level of discomfort and tension. Like every other Israeli, remember that terrible day in 1995 all too well. It … more
Phew! I’m glad to know the beloved library has not been sworn off. Books and a love of reading have been with me since I was little. Growing up in a tiny matchbox of a Jerusalem apartment, my … more
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