Tehilla Goldberg
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When the holiday came to a close last Tuesday, I was scared to turn on the news. Throughout this holiday it seemed like things were spiraling out of control with difficult news from Israel. It … more
This summer I reread one of my favorite Israeli authors, S.Y. Agnon. Of course, in order to receive the full delight and experience of this Nobel Laureate’s writing, you need to read him in the … more
The melodies of the Days of Awe engulf me. Long before arriving to shul for formal prayers, I am preparing myself with the tunes and melodies, singing them to myself. Often I occupy myself with the … more
As a little girl, when I thought of bees, my immediate association was: bee sting. And to do anything and everything to avoid that predicament. I still remember once delaying Rabbi Twerski (of … more
In every generation, there are those storied lives of people, basically seemingly regular, ordinary people, whose sense of moral clarity, compassion and courage to act in historic moments is so … more
Whenever I would hear that someone is a rawtarian, I assumed they were limited to eating carrots and celery sticks or other fruits and vegetables. I love the flavors of fruits and vegetables, but all … more
Once Tisha B’Av departs, we usually sound a collective sigh of relief. Tu B’Av and Shabbat Nachamu follow, and we experience the sense of a transition from evel (mourning) to nechama … more
Political discussion can be frustrating. Especially recently, it seems the conversation has become even more binary than usual. If the Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage was not … more
Last Tuesday, we woke up to a different world, to the moment to which history will most likely point an accusing finger. This deal with Iran? It’s a great deal — for Iran, not for the … more
An angel walked among us. Now he is no more. Malachi — My Angel — Rosenfeld was riding in a car with his buddies, on their way home from a basketball meet, when he was shot at by a … more
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