Tehilla Goldberg
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My first reaction to the latest controversial Meretz-sponsored bill in the Israeli parliament was, mark of Cain. The original meaning of the phrase in Genesis is a sign of safety and protection … more
Columnist Tehilla Goldberg considers how Torah recounts reactions to death, and presents Sheryl Sandberg's extraordinary Facebook post at the end of sheloshim for her husband David Goldberg. more
After  we’ve celebrated Shavuot and commemorated our receiving of Torah, it’s worth remembering that it almost didn’t transpire. In tractate Shabbat 88b, many of the famous … more
It’s interesting to study the haftorahs, the Prophetic scriptures added to weekly Torah readings. If you first scan the portion of the week and then read the haftorah, inevitably there is a … more
When I was a young girl in Israel, Operation Moses came to Israel. I still remember the electric atmosphere that took hold of our country and community. “Kibbutz galuyot,” people kept … more
I keep hearing this phrase: “When the tallest mountain trembles, the smallest mountain comes to help.” As if the friendship between the people of Nepal and the people of Israel was not … more
They stood side by side, the liberated and the liberators. The formal, brass-decked young uniformed military men and women from Colorado’s National Guard — from the same 157th infantry … more
Sixty-seven years old — this Thursday is our little modern day Israel’s birthday, our ancient homeland for millennia. When you consider the ashes that modern day Israel was built … more
It’s hard to see fellow Jews advocate for the end of Israel. Harder yet to see such claims dishonestly veiled as Zionism and being “pro-Israel.” Yet, J Street advisory council … more
As the lush spring color is pushing through the ground, bursting all around us, seemingly meeting endless horizons of azure skies, these moments poised for renewal feel muted by an unsaid yet … more
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