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Why people in their 20s are so distracted


Millennials face distractions unique to the 21st century. But beyond decried technology, their struggles do include some timeless internal challenges.

In his shiur entitled, “Why are people in their 20s so distracted: A Biblical framework for self-actualization,” Rabbi Robby Charnoff, the OU-JLIC rabbi at Queens College, explored pressing issues facing today’s young adults, focusing on home, career, and marriage.

Many people in their 20s face their first foray into home-building as they enter yeshiva or college, adjusting to dorm life with roommates. How they approach this challenge can have lasting consequences, he said.

Rabbi Charnoff advises that students and young professionals work to cultivate a sense of shalom bayis to ensure a pleasant living experience in these new circumstances.

Meanwhile, the hyper-focused professional track that many students find themselves on throughout their college year can be a source of stress, he said. To alleviate some of the stress, students should feel open to exploring different life paths, exercising their options to find what brings them true fulfillment, he continued.

To help their children get through these pivotal years — including the most stressful factor affecting young adults, the pressures of dating and marriage — Rabbi Charnoff encouraged parents to support their children to the best of their abilities, helping them navigate these unchartered waters.