There’s a lot going on at North Shore


The North Shore Hebrew Academy is the Great Neck community’s Modern Orthodox yeshiva day school, serving toddlers through eighth-graders on three campuses — toddlers at the Young Israel of Great Neck, the Elementary School at 16 Cherry Lane, and the Middle School at the Great Neck Synagogue, where the school began over 60 years ago. 

In heterogeneous and co-educational classes, NSHA encourage its students to develop a personal commitment to a life of Torah and mitzvot in the modern world, and a love for Am Yisrael, Torat Yisrael and Medinat Yisrael.

Early Childhood classes establish a foundation of social skills and pre-literacy in a warm, nurturing Jewish environment. North Shore teachers create developmentally appropriate spaces that allow children to learn, develop and feel confident about their abilities. At NSHA, students become independent learners, explore their Jewish identity and practice personal creativity and expression. 

Hebrew language immersion gives young learners quick fluency in Ivrit. The curriculum is enriched with many specialty classes, including yoga, music, science, and physical education. An enrichment program includes an iPad lab that allows students to explore the world beyond school while teaching early computer literacy. 

Elementary School staff nurture and support each student’s quest for academic excellence. The school offers the highest level Judaic Studies Ivrit b’Ivrit curriculum with an emphasis on Hebrew language instruction. The faculty places the utmost importance in instilling midot in their students. 

North Shore teachers provide individual attention to each student. There are assistant teachers in each first through third-grade classrooms and part-time teaching assistants in fourth and fifth grades. 

NSHA prides itself on an ability to bring a rich learning experience and superior academics to its students who take advantage of science labs, computer centers and libraries, and whose classes include art, music and gym. Students needing extra academic attention get help in a learning center staffed by highly experienced professionals.

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