SKA competes in Olympiad


The Science Olympiad Team of the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls made an incredible effort at the Olympiad held at Lander College for Men on March 19, making sixth place out of 12 schools.

The Olympiad provides opportunities for high school students in yeshivot and day schools to compete in events that tests knowledge and skills associated with science, engineering and technology. 

 In addition to the trophy won by the SKA Team as a whole,  Chaya Sara Bodek and Ayelet Aharon won 1st Place in Chem Lab; Chani Berger, Shoshana Lunzer and Zisi Grossman won 2nd Place in Towers; Kayla Evans; Meira Steiner and Pnina Levin won 3rd Place in Electric Vehicle; Ayelet Klahr and Eliana Spiess won 4th Place in Ecology; and Shani Axelrod and Esther Miller won 4th Place in Microbe Mission.

Congratulations to the SKA Team and their captains, Chaya Sara Bodek and Ayelet Klahr, and their coaches, Chana Glatt and Dorit Tannenbaum.