Principals support CAHAL


Menahalim and principals of local yeshivas gathered recently to plan CAHAL classes for the next school year.

CAHAL was developed 24 years ago to provide individualized classes for children with learning differences. The classes are located in many of local yeshivas, and the students in each school are part of the school’s student body.

Richard Altabe, former principal of Yeshiva Darchei Torah and currently headmaster at Yeshivat Shaare Torah, expressed deep concern that many community children over the past several years have been referred to public school without being informed of the option of attending a CAHAL class.

The administrators heard about the growth and progress of CAHAL’s current students as well as former CAHAL students who are now professionals in almost every field. Many former students are now parents who are raising children in our community and many other frum communities throughout the United States and Israel.

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