Mordechai HaTazdik program at Rambam


This Purim, 19 students from Rambam Mesivta in Lawrence gathered in the upstairs Bais Medrash of the Young Israel of West Hempstead for a special Rambam Mesivta Yeshivas Mordechai HaTzadik program.

Led by 11th Grade Rebbe, Rabbi Aryeh Young, these students committed to learning an intensive, 90-minute morning seder after Shachris on Purim morning and spent the morning learning b’iyun the sugya of Kriasa zu Halleila.

On a day when most of the Torah world is (rightfully) busy with many mitzvos and other family obligations, these Rambam students decided to do their share to add an extra boost of Limmud HaTorah to the world on a tremendously auspicious day.

Almost eight years ago, Habochur HaChoshuv Yeshaya Dov Eckstein a”h was killed in a tragic car accident during the summer of 2009. L’ilui Nishmaso, his parents and a group of the family’s loyal friends, have committed to sponsoring bochurim to learn each Purim. Each participating talmid receives a modest financial stipend to encourage his participation.

When Rabbi Young reached out to Yeshaya Dov’s father, Itzy, to ask if Rambam students could join the program, Mr. Eckstein immediately worked to incorporate the Rambam talmidim into this groundbreaking nationwide initiative, even though he had no prior connection to the anyone from the Rambam Mesivta community.

The talmidim each learned with tremendous energy and hasmada, and walked away truly proud of their tremendous Purim accomplishment. May their learning be a zechus for Yeshaya Dov a”h.