HAFTR community seeks to raise $1-million for family of Hindi Krinsky, 32


As the start of the school year approaches, students and faculty at the Hebrew Academy of Five Towns and Rockaway received a sobering remember the precariousness of life. Dr. Hindi Krinsky, an English teacher and the curriculum coordinator at HAFTR High School, was niftar on Friday, Aug. 17. She was 32.

High School Principal Naomi Lippman said that Krinsky approached the role of coordinator, which she had recently been appointed to, with excitement and energy. She was to have led the next phase of the school-wide curriculum mapping project by collaborating with principals, department chairs and teachers.

“It is unfathomable for us to comprehend that Dr. Krinsky will not be with us to guide and implement these significant projects in our yeshiva high school,” Lippman said in a statement. “As we continue these projects, we will now and forever view them as Dr. Krinsky’s legacy to HAFTR.”

“We will also miss Dr. Krinsky dearly as a friend,” said associate principal Josh Wyner. “In addition to her intellect, scholarship, creativity, and tremendous accomplishments as a professional, she was a wonderful, elegant, loving person … Dr. Krinsky was a unique, extraordinary woman, and we are mourning her passing and contemplating ways to honor her memory and preserve her legacy.”

The levaya was held on Friday, Aug. 17, at Shomrei Hadas in Boro Park.

Students, parents, teachers and staff were encouraged to contribute to a book of remembrance that will be shared with Dr. Krinsky’s family. Messages can be sent to

Krinsky is survived by her husband, Dovid Kanarfogel; her five children, Ezra, Hudi, Eliana, Dorit and Abie; her parents, Rabbi Menachel Mendel and Miriam Krinsky and her siblings, Sruli Krinsky, Shmaya Krinsky and Moussia Raskin.

GoFundMe and Charidy pages that were created to support her family’s immediate needs and help provide for the future of her children quickly raised several hundred thousand dollars, with the goal of reaching $1-million before Shabbos.