Friedman, Brafman headline YOSS gala


The Yeshiva of South Shore celebrated 60 Years of Jewish education last Sunday night, with a banquet at the Sands Atlantic Beach.

Attorney Ben Brafman, a prominent resident of the Five Towns, introduced ambassador-designate David Friedman of Woodsburg, who spoke of the early days of the Five Towns as a center of yiddishkeit.

Friedman, who’s been a legal colleague and shul friend of Brafman for many years, recalled what it was like before there was a Vaad HaKashrus in the area, and he spoke of his father’s leadership in helping to create that Vaad and such other institutions as the mikveh — all foundations on which a vibrant Torah community took hold.

He shared the pride that his parents would have in knowing that every one of their grandchildren, and two great grandchildren, have received a wonderful, and comprehensive yeshiva education.

Friedman accepted YOSS’ Ohev Yisrael Award in memory of his father, Rabbi Morris Friedman, a”h.

The program opened with a passionate speech by Rabbi Mordechai Kamenetzky, rosh yeshiva, about the true meaning of the Mishna in Avos that describes the 60th year as the year in which one acquires zikna. He elucidated on the concept of zikna explaining its meaning as ze kanah, this one has acquired, in discussing all that the yeshiva has acquired in 60 years.

Rabbi Kamenetzky highlighted the primary force and source behind the success of the yeshiva by extolling the virtues and leadership of his father, Rabbi Binyamin Kamenetzky, shlit”a. 

The audience enjoyed videos featuring the honorees and their families — Guests of Honor Berel and Sherry Daskal, Parents of the Year Awardees Binyamin and Sori Laufer, Young Leadership Awardees Abba and Fraydie Kloc, and Man of the Year William Bonesso. A special memorial tribute was shown in gratitude of Rabbi Morris Friedman, a”h with a Ohev Yisrael Hakaras Hatov Award presented to his children, David Friedman and Dr. Mark Friedman.

Brafman introduced Friedman, with wit and wisdom that highlighted their longstanding relationship. Brafman navigated the path of diplomacy and politics and the love he has for South Shore Yeshiva education with his inimitable class and style.

Friedman responded by highlighting the warm friendship that his father had with Rabbi Binyamin Kamenetzky, by sending families to learn, and donors to contribute to Yeshiva of South Shore. 

The evening was capped off with a video presentation of the school with a delightful spin of seeing it through the eyes of the children, only to be buoyed by a delicious Viennese Dessert and an amazing celebration of song and dance by the YOSS fourth grade, directed by Rabbi Shlomo Drebin.

The banquet was chaired by Dinner Chairmen Moshe Hirsch and Moshe Reich.