CAHAL staff appreciation


CAHAL honored its teachers, assistants, therapists and extended staff, at its annual staff appreciation dinner on June 15.

CAHAL’s Limudei Kodesh coordinator, Rabbi Moishe Waxman, opened the evening with a meaningful Dvar Torah. Rabbi Moshe Rudich, a CAHAL teacher for the past nine years, gave words of inspiration to the large crowd in attendance.

Five of Rabbi Rudich’s students have just graduated from HAFTR high school, and all of them have been accepted into different yeshivas in Israel for the coming year. He said he hopes to continue to be there for them as they move on in life.

Rabbi Rudich spoke from the heart as he described how he viewed each and every student as his own child. Utilizing that perspective, he explained that when things are not going well, the teacher must ask himself or herself, “What can I do differently to enable my child to succeed?”

He spoke about the leadership roles of Moshe Rabeinu and Dovid HaMelech and what we can all learn about the compassion they demonstrated for the Jewish people. He emphasized that teachers hold the future of each child in their hands, and thus teachers can help build not only each individual student, but the generations that will flow from them as they establish homes and families.  

CAHAL, completing its 24th year, is the only local yeshiva-based and sponsored community education program for children with learning challenges. Registration is now open for September 2016, and CAHAL is interviewing applicants.

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