At Shulamith, Val, Sal and Keter Shem Tov awards


Valedictorian Aviv Amar lives in Woodmere with her parents and four siblings. In the four years that Aviv has been a student at Shulamith, she has received a great deal of support and encouragement from her teachers, principals, and peers, which she will always be thankful for. She enjoys art, music, reading, spending time with her friends, and participating in as many Chessed opportunities as possible.

Aviv has a passion for all of her academic subjects, particularly Navi, social studies, and science. Her dream is to become an engineer. This year, she won the Shulamith Award for her science fair project, participated in Math Olympiad, was a head of PI Day, and worked as a Layout Editor for the yearbook. 

B’ezrat Hashem, Aviv will attend Yeshiva University HS for Girls (Central) in Distinguished Scholar program. She will always cherish the friendships she has made in Shulamith.

Salutatorian Gabriella Herman loves to participate in school activities! This year, she invested countless hours of creative effort as a co-editor-in-chief of the yearbook. In both seventh and eighth grades, Gabriella was on the Torah Bowl and Math Olympiad teams, and this year she was also on the Shulamith Basketball team. For the past two years, Gabriella represented Shulamith in the annual school- wide Middle School Science Fair. She also enjoyed participating in all of the chesed activities Shulamith offered.

Outside of school, Gabriella loves to rollerblade, swim, bike ride, read and spend time with her family and friends. Gabriella has been fortunate to be taught by excellent teachers, who have fostered her love of learning in all subjects, especially ivrit and math. Gabriella will miss her amazing friends and supportive principals and teachers who have been with her for the past ten years in Shulamith. Next year, Gabriella will attend SKA.

Keter Shem Tov Award recipient Shayna Wasser of Cedarhurst and has been at Shulamith since Pre-1A. She has worked hard to achieve her goals and has excelled academically in her studies. Shayna is a positive person who loves learning new things. 

Shayna feels fortunate to have been given many opportunities at Shulamith. She served as vice president of G.O in seventh grade and planned many great programs and activities. She was a member of the Torah Bowl team in seventh grade and served as co-captain in eighth grade, leading her team to victory in the divisional championships. She also served as coordinator of Yom Ha’atzmaut festivities and is participating in the school play. 

Shayna enjoys singing, acting, art, and baking. She loves spending time with her friends, both in and out of school. She has a solid focus on her family and enjoys spending time with them as well. Shayna brings a strong sense of enthusiasm, loyalty, and sincerity to everything she does.

Shayna has much hakarat hatov to her teachers and principals for providing her with a superb education and for instilling within her the right values. She cherishes the wonderful friendships that she has built with her classmates. Shayna is proud to be part of the graduating Class of 2018.