Rambam Aviator


After watching a video featuring a lone Israeli pilot being surrounded by 11 Egyptian MIG fighter planes and successfully shooting them all down, Rabbi Zev Meir Friedman, Rosh Mesivta of Rambam, pointed out that it highlighted the theme of Chanukah as one pilot took on an entire team of enemy pilots and emerged victorious. He also said it was a hint of things to come — a surprise trip to Aviator sports complex.

The next day, there was one more surprise before boarding the busses: Recognizing Excellence. Rabbi Friedman and Assistant Principal Hillel Goldman awarded plaques to juniors Hudi Rosenfeld and Shlomo Sandler in recognition of their leadership in running the Chesed Committee. Sam Cohen, Akiva Hochbaum, and Tzvi Strauss, all seniors, along with sophomore Evan Edelstein, earned School Service Plaques as members of the school’s Masmidim Program. Freshman Ariel Blumstein and sophomores Jacob Roffe and Yakov Weinberger were all recognized as Masmidim of the Semester.

The awardees were showered with applause and then a fun filled afternoon of sports ranging from ice-skating to frisbee to flagfootball was full-on. The football fields, full court basketball courts, and the great indoor soccer arena were used to their fullest extent.

The night concluded with Maariv back at the school and Snapple and Dunkin Donuts for everyone.

Chanukah at Rambam was a real Chaggigah!