Meng and Zeldin win AIPAC cheer


WASHINGTON —Two Long Island members of Congress with impeccable pro-Israel records were warmly received at the AIPAC Policy Conference.

Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin of East Meadow and Democrat Rep. Grace Meng of Queens reiterated their support and urged continuation of a long tradition of bipartisanship on Israel.

Meng, an early opponent of the Iran nuclear deal, said Iran continues to pose the greatest threat to the Jewish state, but she was upbeat in reflecting on “so many good things” in “a very Progressive nation.”

Discussing her commitment to Israel, Meng was asked why, as someone who is not Jewish, she cared deeply about it. She responded that keeping Israel strong helps keep America and the world safe and, referencing Israeli children who live under the constant threat of rocket attack — with just seconds to seek shelter — she said she wants every child to be safe.

Zeldin said that “I want my Democratic colleagues to be successful in fighting back against anti-Semitism … to make their party strongly and passionately and without equivocation” supportive of “a stronger bond between the United States and Israel.”

“That’s more important than winning an election,” he said.