Emunah at SKA


Seeing Yad Hashem in our everyday lives was the theme of a unique Yom Iyun held at the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls on Tuesday, March 1. As SKA Head of School Helen Spirn noted in her letter sent home to parents, “Emunah is a fundamental principle of yahadut and what we embrace as religious Jews, but the world we live in can pose many challenges, especially to adolescents.”

SKA students were privileged to hear from Shifra Rabenstein, a woman who combines her incredible life story with knowledge to inspire students all over the country. Following her powerful presentation, the students process and shared their thoughts in small groups with teachers and each other.

After viewing an inspiring video, a panel of faculty members answered questions about ton emunah and bitachon, relating past experiences and difficulties they faced in their own lives.

SKA senior Esther Stern found that Mrs. Rabenstein’s words “definitely put things in perspective. It was also interesting to see our teachers in a different light and was so moving to see how they cope and work on their own emunah.”

Special thanks go to Rabbi Yosef Zakutinsky, Elisheva Kaminetsky, Yafa Storch and Jordana Bienenfeld Mallin, who with the support of SKA faculty and staff, created this meaningful program for the development and growth of the  students.