Shaaray Tefilah mitzvah day honors Belsky


Congregation Shaaray Tefilah teams up with Achiezer to host Cups 4 Cops on Sunday, Nov. 24 at 1 pm at the shul, 25 Central Ave. in Lawence.

Children and families will craf boxes and gifts to present to local police officers who will be in attendance. “It is so important to show hakaras hatov and teach our young people to appreciate those around us, as well as those who provide the Jewish community with so many needed services on a regular basis,” said Rabbi Boruch Ber Bender, executive director of Achiezer.

“Last year’s event [picrured] was really beautiful and the children absolutely loved doing something for the police officers--men and women who help the community every day. Months later, police officers mentioned feeling so appreciated and paying that forward to members of the community as a result of the Cups 4 Cops event.”

The Family Mitzvah Day Program brings together parents, children and grandparents for group activities to benefit the community. Creating projects with nursing home residents, crafts for our local policemen and mishloach manos for Jewish soldiers in the U.S. army are a few of the ways local families can give of their time and express hakaras hatov to those who serve so many of us every day.

The program is dedicated l’iluy nishmas Simcha Belsky whose first yahrzeit was recently commemorated. “Simcha was all about acknowledging others and their contribution to society, no matter how large or small,” said his mom, Sheree Belsky. For more info: