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Obama’s new ISIS czar hates Israel


President Obama last week appointed second-generation anti-Israel activist, and former Iran deal crafter, Robert O. (Rob) Malley, as his “senior adviser on the counterinsurgency campaign against ISIL.”

Malley’s dad was close friends with Palestinian terrorist Yasser Arafat (both were born and raised in Egypt and each was funded by the USSR). While the sins of the father are not normally visited on the son, this son has chosen to follow in his dad’s footsteps.

CAMERA reported that Malley grew up in France, where his Egyptian-born father, Simon Malley, and New York-raised mother, Barbara (Silverstein) Malley, were publishers of a controversial radical magazine about Africa and the Third World. Malley’s parents were rabidly anti-Israel and counted Arafat as a personal friend. Arafat was among those who intervened with the French government to readmit the Malley family to France after they had been expelled for their radical activities.

At the that time Malley’s dad (whose work was funded by the Soviet Union, Romania, Libya and Algeria) was expelled from France, the Associated Press wrote: “Some of his articles are a veritable incitement to the assassination of foreign chiefs of state. The French government cannot tolerate them [a French official said].”

Their Paris-based bi-monthly magazine, “Afrique-Asie,” regularly attacked Western policies throughout the world. It claimed to be non-aligned, but supported the Soviet military intervention in Afghanistan, the Cuban intervention in Angola and Ethiopia, the seizure of American hostages in Iran and the Algerian-backed guerrilla war in southern Morocco, and it opposed both Israel and the Camp David agreements.

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