Woodmere fire trucks join Israel’s arson war


With fire trucks donated by the Young Israel of Woodmere and its members seeing action in Israel’s arson war, the YIW plans to donate two more.

The shul raised $125,000 between Friday afternoon and Monday —enough, with a JNF USA matching grant, to buy a $250,000 truck. Now it’s passing the envelope to fund a second truck, and Rabbi Hershel Billet told The Jewish Star late Tuesday that he expected that would happen.

The YIW has been helping in the fire-fighting arena “since the Carmel fire, and when the rockets started falling,” he said, with one truck previously donated by the shul and two by individual members. “Israel needs as much fire equpiment as they can get. Missles can create more fire than a pyromaniac.”

JNF development officer Ariel Kotler, reporting from Israel on JM in the AM on Monday, said that he saw a YIW firetruck deployed last week.

“We’re not looking for kavod,” Rabbi Billet said. “The goal is to help Israel.” He said that efforts would be undertaken soon to assist victims of the fires, who are numerous and located in many communities.

In an email to YIW members of Monday, Rabbi Billet pointed to the large number of people injured and homes destroyed.

“From time to time we have been called to stand with Israel,” he said. “Now is one of those times. We have always stood tall as a community.”

“There is a tremendous need for firefighting equipment. Israel does not have enough trucks and many that they have are antiquated,” he said, adding that the trucks being acquired are state-of-the-art.

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