David's Harp: Liberals anonymous


“Hi, my name is Heshy; I’m a liberal-holic.” Everyone in the synagogue basement room, sitting on folding chairs, responds, “Hi Heshy!”

Heshy speaks, “I’m a little bit nervous to share my story. I guess I’ve always been a liberal-holic. Ever since I was a kid I can remember not really caring about anyone but wanting to make it look like I cared.” Moans of understanding emanate from the crowded room.

Heshy shares, “It became so easy as a teenager to promote such irresponsible thinking as I had no responsibilities and never read the paper or intelligent political writings or had any concept of fiscal stability or global insurgent threats. What made it worse was that everyone around me encouraged such behavior. It was the thing to do. Peer pressure dominated over sensibility. And then as I got older I learned to binge on the catch phrases ‘social justice this’ and ‘environmental that.’ Any sobering thought of reality and common sense was immediately tossed out of my head for fear that I would be either shunned by the welcoming liberal community around me, by my parents and their friends or by teachers and professors who I so much wanted acceptance from.

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