Who’s responsible for the Meron disaster?

No single factor caused the Meron disaster. Rather, a perfect storm of elements simultaneously came together, exposing a system filled with flaws, many of them cultural in nature. …


Celebrating Jerusalem

Yom Yerushalayim, Jerusalem Day, is observed this year from Sunday evening, May 9, through Monday, May 10. It commemorates reunification of the city, divided by Jordanian occupation in 1948, during …


In Efrat, Orthodox synagogue appoints Israel’s first sole female spiritual leader (but don’t call her rabbi)

Last week, Shira Marili Mirvis made history as the first-ever Israeli woman appointed to be the halachic leader of an Orthodox synagogue, the Shirat Hatamar congregation in Efrat. The …

health mind and body

Young Israels help people get vaxxed

After COVID-19 vaccines started becoming available in New York and it quickly became apparent that securing a vaccine appointment presented a huge challenge, thew Young Israel of Oceanside and the …


In Riverdale case, NY court proves that woke politics endangers Jews

For those who think that the cause of social justice is not merely an element integral to Judaism but its main focus, this is a heady time. The Black Lives Matter movement and ideas like critical …

kosher kitchen

So, it’s Shavuot, time to make the cheesecake

Besides being best known as the holiday which celebrates the Torah and the Ten Commandments, Shavuot is also an agricultural holiday in Israel, marking the final grain …


Media spin ‘TikTok intifada’ into another slander

Many mainstream media outlets have written deceptively about riots or violent events in and around Jerusalem in recent weeks, distorting the story with such fantastical headlines …


Gates open for new olim

Israel welcomed 104 olim from North America on Monday, as the Jewish state continues to loosen its barriers to international travel. The gates were never really shut for those making aliyah, …


New book eyes The Rav’s philosophical puzzle

Modern Orthodox Jews know a few things about The Rav, Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, ztz”l: He was heir to the Brisker dynasty of Talmud Study; he studied neo-Kantian …


Shulamith celebrates Israel’s 73rd

At the Shulamith School for Girls Middle School, students “visited” Israel on Yom Haatzmaut. A little rain didn’t stop the celebration which included a daglanut and a festival …


Mount Meron and Israel’s paradoxical nature

On Saturday night, as Tel Aviv’s City Hall lit up with the image of the Israeli flag to commemorate the 45 killed and 150 injured in the crowd-crush two nights earlier on Mount Meron, …

who's in the kitchen

Judy’s cheesy retrospective as Shavuot nears

Shavuot? Already? How is that possible? Didn’t we just put away the last of our Pesach dishes? I’m actually still eating toasted coconut covered marshmallows. Shavuot learning has …


Why Jamie Geller’s family eats meat on Shavuot

I am not one to fly in the face of Jewish tradition, but Shavuot is one holiday where I confess to compromising on a minhag. I know, I know — we’re supposed to eat dairy foods on this …


Armenian genocide: Protecting ‘historical truth’

Jewish organizations responded positively to the United States officially recognizing as a genocide the killing and deportation of more than …


Yang visits Far Rockaway yeshivahs

Mayoral candidate Andrew Yang met with students and leaders at two Far Rockaway yeshivas last week. At the Torah Academy for Girls, Dean Rabbi Meyer Weitman invited Yang to address students about …


Counting the omer at HANC ECC

The children at HANC ECC West Hempstead are looking forward to Matan Torah on Shavuot.  They are counting the Omer daily in school on their Sfira charts.

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