Leaping into a ‘double joy’ new year of 5782

Buckle your seatbelts — we’re heading in. With the arrival of Rosh Hashana on Monday night, the Jewish world is being thrown headlong into the leap year of 5782. In the Gregorian …

book review

Finally, a genuine teenage Jewish superhero

As the first author to publish a book about the Jewish connection to comic books, I’m tired of writing articles that begin with the words, “As the first author to publish a book about …


Philadelphia librarians hit for indoctrinating children with anti-Israel propaganda assault

Philadelphia’s public library system is under fire for an alleged effort to indoctrinate children and parents against Israel. A biased pro-Palestinian agenda in books, videos and resource …


Why the Crown Heights pogrom still matters

T hree decades have passed since the Crown Heights pogrom, and any assessment of the memory of that tragic event must start with an acknowledgment that New York City is a very different place …

kosher kitchen

Letting veggies trump brisket this New Year

D uring the past few years, I have noticed that more than a few of my friends and relatives have become vegetarians (or “mostly vegetarians”). And there’s been a lot of …


School’s back from summer

At SKA, students will soon benefit from a modernized Beit Midrash and Learning Commons. Helping to prepare for the renovation (from left): Associate Principal Elana Flaumenhaft, Principal …


Banning critical race theory would gut teaching Jewish history, Shoah included

Anyone teaching the past by skipping over the unpleasant parts isn’t teaching history. …

north africa

Israel being drawn into Algerian-Moroccan feud

Algeria’s decision last week to sever diplomatic ties with its neighbor, Morocco, put the spotlight on the strengthening Israeli-Moroccan relations that were born out of the Abraham …


Tech startup employees are on autism spectrum

Tel Aviv-based Point.AI  is making a social impact while providing critical data annotation for the fast-growing artificial intelligence industry. By 2025, an estimated 500 exabytes of data …


There’ll be no rescuing Biden from Afghanistan

The obvious lesson for Israel from America’s abandonment of Afghanistan to the Taliban is that it can’t count on the US to protect it from the consequences of ceding more …

Long Island news

Vandal attacks a Long Beach shul

Two Torah scrolls and other religious objects were stolen and the Aron Kodesh vandalized at the Chabad of the Beaches shul in Long Beach over the weekend. The incident occurred as the congregation …

health mind and body

Here are 10 reasons to love the pomegranate

Coaxing the edible seeds out of a pomegranate is a popular how-to topic. Some swear by the whack-with-a-wooden-spoon method; others massage out those ruby-red arils in a bowl of water to keep things …


8 ways Israel acts to save its bees

Rosh Hashana is upon us, and that means honey on our tables and honeybees on our minds. It’s no secret that the humble honeybee is in danger. The global bee population is dying at a dizzying …


We’re individuals. CRT doesn’t define us.

Whose job is it to define who I am? Is it an institution’s job or is it mine? In all the brouhaha over critical race theory, this question is rarely asked. …


Iranian Americans build bridges with Israelis

After a visit to Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in late July, Khosrow Beitollahi, a former Iranian air force pilot and activist against Iran’s current regime, said he was devastated …


The tangled roots of America’s latest defeat

Even before last week’s suicide bombings outside the Kabul airport, the US media was acting with rare unanimity. For the first time in memory, US media organs across the ideological and …


Islamism’s brutal face is back on display

Any notion that the worst days of Islamist terrorism are behind us was brutally shattered at Kabul Airport last week when twin bombs ripped indiscriminately through Afghan civilians and US and …

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