For Iraqi Jews, sukkah sitting was different

By Orit Arfa, JNS For most Jews, a sukkah conjures a booth with canvas or wooden walls, and bamboo or some sort of foliage on top as schach . Sarah Sassoon, 42, had a very different experience. …


Herzog: 50 years later, at war with each other

In his testimony before the Agranat Commission that investigated the Yom Kippur War, Col. Gabi Amir described the fateful and difficult hours of the fighting in the Sinai Peninsula as follows: …


50 years after Yom Kippur: Rethinking Golda

There is an axiom in journalism that you never know when you’re going to do the one thing for which you will be remembered above all others. Few lives exemplify that lesson better than that of …

Keeping it together

After Abbas: Will Israel hold its shaky handle on the PA?

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) is 87 years old. When he leaves the political scene, will Israel be able to continue supporting the Palestinian Authority, or even influence who stands at …


Sukkot: A Jewish Thanksgiving and a lot more

S ukkot is akin to a Jewish Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving in America, no matter religion or background, families and friends come together to celebrate the arrival of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, Mass., …

United Nations

Netanyahu’s address at the United Nations

Over three millennia ago, our great leader Moses addressed the people of Israel as they were about to enter the Promised Land. He said they would find there two mountains facing one another: Mount …


Jewish Star editor’s letter to The Riverdale Press

The Riverdale Press, the community newspaper in the heavily-Jewish Riverdale area of the Bronx, continues to prominently feature anti-Israel columns by a writer whose overriding long-term theme …


The Bibi-MBS partnership comes into full view

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS)’s interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier was an inflection point in global affairs. There were world affairs before the interview and world …

On Campus

Penn and Princeton maim academic freedom

Princeton University president Christopher Eisgruber focused on the virtues of freedom of expression and diversity in his commencement speech earlier this year, denouncing the national proliferation …


Parker: Creating dementia-friendly communities

Dementia is a progressive neurological disorder characterized by a decline in cognitive abilities, memory loss, and changes in behavior. The cognitive decline and memory loss experienced by …


SAR at a basketball camp in Senegal

After an intense junior year at SAR High School in Riverdale, Joseph Arenson traveled to Senegal this sumer to work for a not-for-profit basketball organization called MALAWRISE. The organization, …

Kosher Kitchen

Cornucopia of childhood harvest memories…

If you have ever had a backyard garden, then you know the joy of the late-summer, early-fall harvests. If all has gone well, your garden is now bursting with a ton of tomatoes, enough green beans to …


Want peace? De-Nazify the Palestinian leadership

The Oslo Accords, now 30 years old, began with great hopes but swiftly descended into a bloody stalemate of Palestinian terror, Israeli overtures for peace and more Palestinian terror. If one …

what you need to know

Antisemitism and anti-Zionism

What is antisemitism? Antisemitism is the marginalization and oppression of people who are Jewish, based on the belief in stereotypes, myths and disinformation about Jewish people, …


‘Antisemitism month’ hypes Shoah and floods

In the Middle East, antisemitism emanates from the corridors of power, walking hand in hand with corruption, political repression, torture, racism and other reprehensible features of authoritarian …


History, lies and the Islamic Republic’s origin

A 1953 “coup put an end to the best hope for democratic secular politics in Iran during the 20th century,” stated Nader Hashemi during a recent podcast titled “Iran: The Struggle …


Will Rx’s follow as Touro team tracks cell-invasion?

A study led by a team at Touro University Nevada has identified a new pathway that human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) uses to enter the nucleus of a healthy cell, where it can then replicate and go …


SAR renews mission: Let's be really nice!

The principal of the Salanter Akiba Riverdale High School wants his school to vibrate with a feeling of “nice.” Working to raise the profile of mitzvot ben adam l’chavero …

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