Moses bought Sassoon Codex ‘for Jewish people, not for me’

The Israelites famously declared in the book of Exodus at Mount Sinai, “We will do, and then we will hear.” Rabbinic tradition has taken that to mean that they accepted the Torah sight …


Israel inaugurates Cave of Machpelah elevator

After 30 years of legal and political battles, Israel was set to inaugurate an elevator to improve handicap accessibility at Hebron’s Cave of Machpelah — the Tomb of the Patriarchs …


Study eyes brain-memory link during sleep

A breakthrough study has demonstrated for the first time that long-lasting memories are consolidated in the human brain through communication between the hippocampus and the cerebral cortex during …


Israel-Gulf train awaits Saudi normalization

A proposal for a rail link connecting Israel and the Gulf states has undergone a preliminary feasibility study and could gather steam alongside a major international train infrastructure project as …

Kosher Dining

Discovering Taquito, hidden gem in Lakewood

Eli Dancour and his brother found themselves in a situation that many kosher restaurant patrons are familiar with; they were eating tacos that nobody would confuse with authentic Mexican cuisine. But …

Technology Upgrade

High-tech upgrade for ancient Tower of David

Tucked inside the Jaffa Gate of Jerusalem’s Old City stands an edifice that personifies the resilience of Israel’s eternal capital.   The Tower of David has served as a …


Chana Nachenberg: Ahlam Tamimi’s 16th victim

Twenty-two years after a Palestinian suicide bomber devastated the Sbarro pizza restaurant in downtown Jerusalem, the 16th victim of that massacre succumbed to her injuries. Chana Nachenberg, an …


Pick somebody else to brag about, Brandeis U

I understand why universities boast about their most famous graduates. But should a university boast about a graduate who has claimed that members of US Congress are “bought and paid for …


Amnesty leader shares support for war crimes

Rasha Abdel Latif, a director at Partners Global who joined the Amnesty USA board last year, has written or shared posts on Twitter dignifying the murder of Jewish-Israeli civilians, praising …


Rabbi Menedelvitch: Resilience in Jewish fight

Students at the Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns and Rockaway were privileged to meet Rabbi Yosef Menedelvitch, a former refusenik who shared his incredible story of resilience and fighting for …


Yom Haatzmaut a joyous event throughout HALB

It was an unforgettable Yom Haatzmaut at HALB, always a highlight and the school year. Lev Chana took their annual “trip” to Israel, completely transforming the school. Children …


Netanyahu: IAEA ‘black mark surrender’ to Iran

The International Atomic Energy Agency’s “surrender” to Iran is a “black mark” on the UN nuclear watchdog’s record, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said …


Defund campus radicalism and antisemitism

It took the City University of New York nearly three weeks to do it, but the public university’s chancellor and board of trustees eventually got around to condemning an …


The 1941 Farhud and the Palestinian ‘cause’

Have you heard of the Farhud? A recent poll found that only 7 percent of Israelis have heard about it. This anti-Jewish massacre — Farhud means “forced dispossession” in Arabic …


Balancing ideological and practical Zionism

When Theodor Herzl began to advocate for the reestablishment of a Jewish state in the Land of Israel, many Jews agreed with his ideology but considered his idea impractical. The Ottoman Empire ruled …

Kosher Bookworm

On Pirkei Avot: The wisdom of our ancestors

With Shavuot past, we now come to the second cycle in the weekly study of the Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Fathers). While the core observance of this study is between Pesach and Shavuot, the …


Generations learn together on MTA’s legacy day

Approximately 100 grandparents joined their grandsons at MTA for the yeshiva’s annual Legacy Day. In allowing the talmidim to learn with their grandparents, this is an experience that is …


SKA High announces its graduation honors

The Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls has announced its graduation honors. Valedictorian: Arielle Rosman Editor-in-Chief Yearbook; Editor-in-Chief Skappenings; Editor Holocaust …

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