Ben & Jerry’s divides American Jews

If you thought that American Jews were going to unite against discrimination in ice-cream sales, you were wrong. The decision of the Ben & Jerry’s company to “end sales of …


Palestinian war on Israel is war on truth

There’s no doubt that Arabs have lived in the Holy Land for many hundreds of years. You can’t blame them for making claims to some of the land. Arabs today control about 97 percent …


Stabbing puts Boston Chabad front and center in anti-Semitism fight

No one ever expected a pile of Gan Israel camp T-shirts to be used to stop the bleeding of one of the campers’ teachers—certainly not Rabbi Shlomo Noginski himself. But on July 1, that …

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Israeli expert: We must learn to live with Covid

We Israelis thought we had Covid-19 beat. We thought we had herd immunity thanks to the world’s most successful vaccination campaign. On April 18, Israel canceled facemasks …


FIDF real-estaters golf with soldiers on Long Island

One-hundred-fifty of New York’s most prestigious real estate professionals gathered on Tuesday for the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces Real Estate and Financial Services Divisions Ninth …


Scoop: Jews won’t lick demonization of Israel

In attempting to defend itself against persistent bigotry, the Jewish Diaspora repeatedly thinks with its heart, rather than its head, and consequently misses the key point. After Ben & …


Exhibit displays coffee culture through the ages

Coffee culture in Israel is as varied as the population. Bedouin hospitality dictates finely ground dark coffee served in tiny cups; Arabs will serve strong Turkish coffee often spiked with a dash of …


Banning critical race theory would gut teaching Jewish history, Shoah included

Anyone teaching the past by skipping over the unpleasant parts isn’t teaching history. …

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Nefesh B’Nefesh steps up its post-aliyah work

It’s been three years since Hanna and Shamshy Schlager traded their home in Kew Gardens Hills for a new one in Modi’in, Israel. It’s been a good three years, they’ll tell …


West Bank right now is deceptively quiet

A recent mass arrest of Hamas members in the West Bank offers a glimpse into the deceptive nature of the ongoing quiet in the area and how hard the terror organization based …


Ezer Mizion swings for life on Seawane course

Supporters of Ezer Mizion teed off at the Seawane Country Club on Sunday, elevated by the knowledge that each stroke was a strike against cancer. The “Swing for Life” event benefited …

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Summer, and the cooking (with kids) is easy

I loved having my kids home in the summer; it was the perfect time to get them involved in the kitchen and get them interested in nutritious food — from growing it in the garden to …


In America, DC rally showed that Corbyn won

On July 11, the American Jewish establishment tried to prove that it could fight anti-Semitism and be progressive at the same time. It failed. Outside of Congress that day, dozens of American …


We’re individuals. CRT doesn’t define us.

Whose job is it to define who I am? Is it an institution’s job or is it mine? In all the brouhaha over critical race theory, this question is rarely asked. …

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‘Swabbing for Shlomo’ at HAFTR marrow drive

By simply taking four swabs of cells from the inside of your mouth, it’s possible to save someone else’s life, because for every 400 swabs there’s a bone marrow …


Is future of European Jewry in danger?

Is the continent where most of world Jewry has roots — and where such concepts as liberalism, human rights, nationalism and even Zionism were born — crumbling beneath us? On the one …

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