Fireworks ire hits de Blasio

They set off car alarms, honked car horns and sounded air horns. If they can’t sleep, they reasoned, the mayor shouldn’t either. Dozens of Orthodox Jews demonstrated outside Gracie …


The trap of ‘original sin’: Democratic roots in Israel and US deliver redemption

In one corner, you have the features of universal liberty: freedom of conscience, a free press, the right to own property, the right to elect political representatives, the right to move freely, …


Synagogue axes Judah Benjamin from window

About 15 years ago, a large Reform synagogue in Northern California installed a set of windows in its religious school engraved with the names of some 175 prominent Jews, from biblical figures to …

working at home

Jewish bookseller spruces up Zoom backgrounds

In early April, just a few weeks after non-essential businesses in Massachusetts were shut down due to COVID-19, the staff at the Brattle Book Shop noticed that some prominent …


Yeshiva University's 89th graduation goes online

At this time during a normal year, 5,000 friends and family of Yeshiva University would be filling the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden for the 89th Annual Commencement Exercises celebrating the …


Bibi and Kurz are pals. Israel and Austria are too.

Austria is led by one of the country’s most remarkable politicians in recent decades: Sebastian Kurz, who was elected chancellor in 2017 at just 31 years old. Kurz is immediately striking …


Hot dogs are the greatest American Jewish food

American Jewish food is most typically defined as pastrami sandwiches, chocolate babka, or bagels and lox. But I am here to argue that the greatest American Jewish food may actually be the humble hot …


Now, don’t go wobbly on sovereignty, Bibi

Over the past week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has changed his mind countless times regarding how and when he will implement Israel’s sovereignty plan in Judea and Samaria in …


When revisionist history becomes official dogma

Angry mobs of activists are roaming American streets pulling down or defacing statues of historical figures. In some cases, governments and private institutions are joining their efforts by …


SKA HS photo brings its graduates together

SKA’s graduates are not posing maskless at the school. This photo, virtually bringing together the entire Class of 2020, was produced by Art Photography.


Jewish pioneers building oasis amid uncertainty

Atop a nearly barren mountain ridge at the tip of southeastern Gush Etzion, with breathtaking views overlooking the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea, two American immigrants are building an oasis …


Gil Hovav’s secret to cooking like an Israeli

I heard him speak years ago, and I was taken by his easy smile, tales of his lively family, love of Israeli cuisine, and how he wove those three pieces together into a fascinating presentation. When …


Time for Israeli sovereignty in Judea, Samaria

As I speak with well-intentioned and informed supporters of Israel, I often hear of their difficulty in envisioning how Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria would work on a practical level. …


Voter-shaming by the left hits all new low

During a lecture at the New York-based Modern Language Association in the immediate aftermath of President Richard Nixon’s landslide re-election in November 1972, the late American film …

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