‘Rogue minyans’ divide ranks of Orthodox rabbis

When the coronavirus pandemic first descended on the United States in March, the Orthodox rabbis of Dallas shuttered their synagogues together in a remarkable show of unity.  In April, as the …


Orthodox leaders press for reopening guidance as some yeshivas begin holding classes

For weeks, the two boys studied at their home in Borough Park as their teachers lectured through a phone line. But last Monday, one of the boys’ schools announced that classes would resume …


Don’t trade values for shiny tech

Jewish colleges and universities and departments of Jewish studies may be guided by the core values of traditional religious texts, but their specific tools for survival in the post-COVID-19 era …


Biden says ‘I do not support annexation,’ will reverse Trump policies

WASHINGTON — Joe Biden said that as president he would reverse Trump administration policies that have led to Israeli plans to annex parts of the West Bank. “I do not support …


Cornona and sovereignty: Priorities challenge Israel’s unity government

After more than 500 days of political instability and three consecutive national elections, Israel’s 35th government was officially sworn in on Sunday. The installation of a unity government …


Israel’s friends welcome Erdan’s dual appointments

Jewish and pro-Israel groups reacted positively to Minister of Public Security, Strategic Affairs and Minister of Information Gilad Erdan’s appointment as the Jewish state’s next …


Tel Aviv creatives make art out of corona crisis

TEL AVIV — Designer Yoav Gati was walking around his south Tel Aviv block in March when he saw a discarded latex glove on the street. A few meters later he spotted another one, and then …


From a HS principal: Positivity, planning

There is a perception right now that everything has changed, but what is the reality? We still need to educate our children and to prepare them for a complex future. …


Cheers for Congress ‘Never Again’ ed act

Jewish and pro-Israel groups applauded Senate passage last Wednesday of the Never Again Education Act, which seeks to expand Holocaust education in the United States. The legislation, which passed …


Agudath Israel of America issues ‘road map’ for the safe reopening of shuls

On Friday, Agudath Israel of America issued this statement: We are all encouraged to see several states ease, or begin talks of easing, the long and difficult quarantine which has successfully …


50 rabbis in Five Towns say the crisis may be over, OK outdoor minyanim 'under specific circumstances'

On Rosh Chodesh I'yar, we disseminated a letter addressing the numerous calls and requests that had been presented to all our community Rabbanim regarding the possibility of issuing clear guidelines, …


Silence of the Jews: No outrage, left or right, after murder

A young Israeli soldier, Amit Ben-Yigal, was stoned to death last week by Palestinian Arab terrorists. The response of the American Jewish left was appalling. And the response of the rest of …


Ancient complex found near Kotel puzzles experts

that dates back to the Second Temple era has recently been excavated at the foot of a 1,400-year-old building near the Western Wall. On Tuesday, the Israel Antiquities Authority …


Toronto Jews keep traditions going in pandemic

As the rate of new COVID-19 cases very gradually declines in Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, this city’s  residents can see the light. Storefront retailers are preparing …


Transitions, destinations in COVID-19 desert

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about transitions and destinations. Perhaps it’s because in childhood, at precisely this time of year, my friends and I would relish the approach of …


Enjoying favorite Jewish foods — with a twist

“This is goyish,” said my friend during brunch one Sunday, as I was enjoying my lox and cream cheese bagel, overflowing with onions, cucumbers, and a host of other vegetables. I looked …


OU and RCA publish detailed guidance on the eventual reopening of shuls

With an eye on the eventual reopening of shuls, the Orthodox Union and the Rabbinical Council of America issued a detailed statement on Friday afternoon listing 13 “principles that should …


YIW's Rabbi Billet: Minyanim happening in our community are a dangerous violation of Jewish law

The inability to pray with a minyan has been a painful consequence of this pandemic for many Orthodox Jews. And the desire to have a minyan three times daily, in any venue, is a genuine yearning of the soul for Orthodox Jews. …

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