Jewish ignorance is not bliss: Seth Rogen and Marc Maron are not the only useful idiots among us

Jewish Hollywood star Seth Rogen thinks it “makes no sense” for the “preservation of Jewish people” to “keep something you’re trying to preserve all in one …


Jewish ignorance is not bliss: Seth Rogen and Marc Maron are not the only useful idiots among us

In their rambling mission to define the ubiquitous modern American-Jewish identity, comedians Seth Rogen and Marc Maron decided on an episode of the latter’s podcast that “Jewish …

beirut horror

Full scope of Beirut disaster ‘still not understood,’ states former Israeli military intelligence chief

 Israel has offered Lebanon humanitarian assistance after a massive explosion at Beirut’s waterfront killed scores of people and injured an estimated 4,000 on Tuesday. Israeli Defense …


Sara Gideon builds Jewish base in bid for Collins seat

Lou Kornreich’s Shabbat table is a microcosm of the Maine Jewish community. And he doesn’t like it. “When I have a discussion at the Shabbos table, there are those on the left …


Alignment of BDS and BLM poses growing threat to Jews in Israel and the Diaspora

The murder of George Floyd, a Black American who was killed on May 25 while in police custody in Minneapolis, triggered the most widespread racially charged …


Bipartisan protests rocking Israel. Here’s why.

Noam Ofer might have been an unlikely candidate to join Israel’s burgeoning protest movement. At 76, he is older than most of the people who …


Lockdown foodies favor video lessons over travel

The reservations were rolling in, and Inbal Baum was preparing for her busiest summer yet of food tours through Israel’s famed open-air food markets. Her decade-old tour …


In Europe, Jewish ‘Community’ is like a private club

In the United States, when Jews say they identify as part of the Jewish “community,” they are saying they belong to a broad cultural and religious framework. They could …


The progressive world’s antechamber to evil

After days of anti-Semitic rants on social media, the “Grime” rapper Wiley was finally barred from Twitter and Facebook following outrage by Jews and others that he was allowed to use …


Riots and protests from Portland to Jerusalem

Over the past several years, public discourse in the United States has seen a lot of new lows. It saw another one this month when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi referred to federal officers in …

health mind and body

Israelis ID new culprit behind cancer growths: tumor-specific bacteria

Despite their reputation, most bacteria are harmless. Many are vital to human life. Others, however, cause infections that lead …


Nutty haminados, slow-cooked Sephardi eggs

Huevos haminados, eggs cooked slowly through the night, are one of the most recognizable foods of the Sephardic kitchen. But in fact, the uniquely Jewish cooking method long predates its popularity …


Biden fundraiser eyes anti-Semitism, gets personal

A fundraiser for Joe Biden on Monday night was billed as a “Virtual Conversation on Anti-Semitism” with three marquee speakers: Rep. Adam Schiff, the California …

business boosters

2 new papers launched by Jewish Star parent

Richner Communications Inc, parent company of The Jewish Star and the Long Island Herald community newspapers, is launching three new monthly publications …

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    Advice to Jewish celebrities: GROW UP!

    I have a Jerry Seinfeld question. Why do Jewish celebrities keep whining about their parents? Popular actor-comedian-director Seth Rogen ignited an internet firestorm with his recent complaint …

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