‘Avinu Malkeinu’ kid’s message for Holy Days

Nina Shapiro didn’t intend for the video of her son’s singing to go viral. The Perth, Australia, mother of two describes herself as “paranoid about my kids being on social …


2 Jewish women clash in South Florida congressional race

PALM BEACH, Fla. — Just two years ago, right-wing provocateur Laura Loomer was making headlines for being banned from social media and rideshare services for her anti-Muslim and anti-migrant …

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The Soros conspiracy: A backgrounder

A Republican congressional candidate, Marjorie Taylor Greene, has repeatedly called George Soros an “enemy of the people.” Rudy Giuliani said Soros is “intent on destroying …


Shas leader calls virus violators murderers

A leading Orthodox lawmaker said that not following Israel’s lockdown rules to slow the spread of the coronavirus is comparable to murder. Aryeh Deri, head of Israel’s …


Very different High Holy Days across America

On Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the Yamim Noraim, a prayer reads: “Who will live and who will die. … Who by plague …” “Most years, many see those words as …

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A Rosh Hashana recipe worth crowing about

For the last few weeks the exchanges have been the same “Shanna Tova” or my favorite, “gut g’benched yur,” as my grandparents used to say. They were very good at …


Many Orthodox support Trump. I’m one of them.

I am a registered Democrat who often votes Republican. I was raised in an Orthodox Jewish family in North Jersey. We cried when Richard Nixon defeated Hubert Humphrey in 1968 and exulted when …


The long and sweet history of honey cake

Honey cake has had a long and diverse evolution. From breadcrumbs mashed with honey came the sweet and spiced cake …


Is this for real? Pizza-perfect on Rosh Hashana

While this suggestion may seem a bit … unorthodox … some might find that it offers a charming departure for one of the Yom Tov meals. Last year I invited about 15 friends over to our …

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Soros is despised by anti-Semites, political foes … and many Jews

Josh Kantrow is not a fan of George Soros, the Jewish billionaire financier and philanthropist. Kantrow, 55, a Jewish lawyer and longtime Republican in Chicago, doesn’t like Soros’ …


The joys of a Mizrahi Rosh Hashana seder

I don’t need to remind you of all the reasons that 2020 has been an incredibly rough year. We could all use a fresh start, so it’s a good thing that Rosh Hashana is here, …

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Israel’s new double-duty envoy: ‘Best defense is a good diplomatic offense’

A few days after the last elections, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Minister Gilad Erdan met privately and Erdan said he told the prime minister, “You know …


This is not the time for our rabbis to keep quiet

The former chief rabbi of the United Kingdom, Jonathan Sacks, has come in for some stick over remarks he recently made about religion and politics. In an interview with JTA published in last …


Orthodox rabbi says Trump is '‘neither good for the Jews, nor for Judaism’

Everywhere I turn, I see a country that has neither been made “great again” nor is respected as the protector of human rights and the ingatherer of the downtrodden …


Vegan apple turnovers: Quick, satisfying dessert

These can easily be assembled before a gathering or dinner, simply store them in the freezer until you want to bake. Add an extra …


A cake that’s chock full of apples, great anytime

I make this delicious apple crumb cake throughout the whole Minnesota apple season, it’s one of my favorite autumnal treats. Chock-full of apples, it’s super moist, fruit-forward and …

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