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During these past two weeks we have witnessed some of the meanest political rhetoric by the authoritarian left in recent memory. The rhetoric focused upon the use of the phrase “blood libel,” by … more
“The Making of a Halachic Decision, is subtitled, “A comprehensive analysis and guide to halachic rulings,” and indeed this is so. The use of the word “analysis” serves as the major motif of the methodology employed by Rabbi Walter to serve as the touchstone of what Jewish law is all about: analysis of the halachic method. more
A stitch in time saves nine, comedians like to keep their audiences in stitches and then there are just plain stitches…. My boys were seven and five years old and playing in the backyard on Shabbat afternoon, when my younger son came running in. “It’s not my fault,” Jeremy kept on repeating. “Daniel told me to throw the block of wood up to the bush so the ball would fall down, I didn’t know it would fall on his head.” more
Although the last graduates of the Brooklyn Talmudical Academy (BTA) and the Central Yeshiva High School for Girls left the East 14th building over 35 years ago, it was still sad to hear about … more
On July 3, Iran claimed to have successfully tested missiles capable of hitting Israel. At the same time, Israel said that it could strike Iran if the efforts at diplomacy fail to stop it from developing nuclear weapons capabilities. Calling it the “Great Prophet 7” missile exercise, Iran launched its test on Sunday after the European embargo against Iranian oil went into effect. In invoking the name of the Prophet Muhammad for their missile test, there should be no questions to anyone, including President Obama, that the Iranian leadership are extremists, and seemingly willing to head into a devastating war to impose what it interprets to be the will of God and prophet. Neither money, nor sanctions can alter divine will, and that is what those who tread lightly with Iran seem to miss. more
Last week we were informed that we can no longer visit whose tag line is “The Voice of the Orthodox Jewish Community” and is a website devoted to bringing news, albeit in a … more
For those of you that can remember life before blogs, you may also remember that people used to publish newsletters on all topics. Forty years ago, Ron Paul launched a conservative newsletter. His newsletters were chock-filled with hateful slurs, some signed by Paul, all appearing in his publication. What was written in those newsletters was nothing short of disgusting. more
By Zechariah Mehler Like any other medium food can be art. The chef is an artist, forming a harmonious amalgam of components to create flavors that excite the palate. Thanks to the growing number … more
Education seems to be a constant theme running through every issue of The Jewish Star. We cover initiatives in education, what to teach, how to teach it, the importance of learning Torah, the importance of speaking with Holocaust survivors, and the importance of learning from our past. more
Two weeks ago a giant of Torah learning passed away. Rabbi Zechariah Fendel was, after Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, one of the most prolific and articulate Jewish writers of our time.Each of the over dozen … more
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