YOSS’ 1st year without Rav Binyamin Kamenetzky


The Yeshiva of South Shore began its 61st year on Long Island without the physical presence of its late rosh ha yeshiva, HaRav Binyamin Kamenetzky, zt”l. 

However, the Hewlett-based school knows that Rav Binyamin will continue to advocate on behalf of the yeshiva and its talmidim from his most prominent place in shmayim.

South Shore can already feel the impact of his zechus. There has been unprecedented growth in every division. This year’s graduating eighth grade is the largest in the history of the yeshiva. 

In addition, a multitude of chinuch activities are taking place on a daily basis that are thematically attached to Rav Binyamin’s legacy. The Bachurei Chemed program, a society that the rosh ha yeshiva established, comprised of talmidim who exemplified middos tovos, yiras shamayim and derech eretz, is being rededicated in his memory. Bachurei Chemed will now receive the sobriquet Yedidei Hashem, based on Moshe’s blessing to the tribe of Binyamin, “L’Binyamin amar yedid Hashem.”

During his last years, Rav Binyamin oversaw educational growth in every area of our yeshiva. Most recently, South Shore’s menahel mechina, Rabbi Zev Davidowitz, brought a Torah dynamism into the mechina and has endeared himself to talmidim, parents and rabbeim alike. As the mechina expanded, the yeshiva appointed two experienced and dynamic rabbeim to join the division’s all-star lineup — Rabbi Noam Singer, a seasoned rebbe known for his warmth and deep care for every student (who joined as a sixth grade rebbi), and Rabbi Yoni Escovitz, a young enthusiastic and most creative educator (serving as a third seventh grade rebbi). The yeshiva anticipates that together with its exceptional team of rabbeim and general studies teachers, led by Daniel Winkler, they will raise the yeshiva to new heights. 

To meet the growing educational and administrative and emotional needs of the talmidim, Rabbi Avraham Robinson joined Rabbi Chanina Herzberg, menahel ha yeshiva, as associate menahel of limudei kodesh for the Elementary School (grades 1–5).

In addition, the yeshiva welcomes Rabbi Yehuda Kamenetzky, MEd., NCC, a South Shore alumnus and a grandson of Rav Binyamin, who will serve as director of student services and guidance. Reb Yehuda, who authored “Brainstorm,” a best-selling book about his own triumph over life’s challenges, is a nationally certified counselor, with clinical experience in counseling in a school setting and educational programming.

He recently moved with his family from St. Louis, Missouri, where he trained at the prestigious LOGOS School in Olivette, one of only a handful of accredited schools in the Midwest that specialize in servicing troubled youth and in addressing the educational and emotional needs of all children. 

Under the direction of Leah Girnun, education coordinator, YOSS has implemented an exciting program of differentiated instruction and student testing so the individual needs of every student can be met. Mrs. Girnun has been working closely with all principals including Elana Fertig, Hollander ECC director, to ensure that the youngest talmidim get a strong start at the yeshiva.

“The entire administration is excited to add hanhala members who understand the warmth and depth of the ‘South Shore’ culture and are revered as superstar educators who truly understand the YOSS derech of chinuch instilled by my father,” said rosh yeshiva, Rabbi Mordechai Kamenetzky.