CAHAL kids bring a parsha to life


Parshas Chayai Sara is all about chesed. When second and third grade students in the CAHAL class at Bais Yaakov Ateres Miriam learned about the kindness that Rivka performed for Eliezer, they were inspired to practice some kindness themselves. Who better to collaborate with on their chesed initiative than Achiezer? The girls decided to make a further connection to the parsha by initiating their own chesed project. 

The girls had learned that three miracles constantly took place in Sarah’s tent, but they ceased when she was nifteres. When Rivka imeinu entered Sarah’s tent, these miracles returned. One of the three miracles was that the challah on her table was always fresh, and this represented Hashem’s bracha in their home. Thus, for their chesed project, the girls decided to bake challah to share with others (photo). 

The girls rolled up their sleeves and started baking. Before the teacher made the bracha on hafrashas challah, she explained that there are two different ways to do chesed, a physical way and a spiritual way. In addition to just physically giving our challah rolls to sick patients, we can daven for the patients to have a complete and speedy recovery.

Following heartfelt tefilos, the girls meticulously formed beautiful challah rolls for sick patients to enjoy in the hospital over Shabbos.

CAHAL is grateful to Achiezer for enabling their students to partake in these special chesed opportunities and to actualize the lessons they learn in class.