StandWithUs partners with advocates at MDS


Students in the Manhattan Day School Israel advocacy team met last week with Josh Warhit, Northeast high school coordinator of StandWithUs.

StandWithUs is an organization dedicated to educating people about Israel and to combating the extremism and anti-Semitism.

Warhit offered the students advice and encouragement on taking a stand to support Israel.

Although the students have just begun their research, they were able to describe why they chose their particular topics and what they intend to speak and teach others about. Warhit advised them to be sure they use primary sources, know their audience, and build relationships.

This is the second year that MDS has organized an Israel advocacy team. Last year, six representatives presented their “Stand for Israel” to the Upper West Side community, Yahoo News, Alan Dershowitz, and the United Nations.

“I saw the program last year and it inspired me,” says Tyler Fischman, who is reporting on anti-Semitism at the United Nations.

“I recognized that the public was unaware and uninformed of the current situation in the Middle East and I wanted to get involved in Stand With Israel,” says Charlie Laifer, who is doing his research on social media and propaganda.

“I hope to gain a stronger understanding of how to read between the lines and learn how to verify the facts in several sources,” says Jacob Kadoe, who is reporting on biased media.

Other topics to be explored include Education of Palestinian Youth (Isaac Silverman); Palestinian Payments (Ruthie Gerber and Allie Berkowitz); Political Anti-Semitism 2016 (Max Jankelovits and Harry Meister); Racism in Arab Countries (Mia Spira and Rivka Yellin); Efficacy of Security Checks (Shoshana Epstein); Israel: The Legitimate Sovereign (Avital Feuerstein); and Erroneous Allegations Against the IDF (Rachel Halpern).