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SKA wraps a fab year


It’s been an incredible year at the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls, one filled with notes, tests, quizzes, labs and even class during lunch.

Fortunate students in Mrs. Tannenbaum’s AP BIO class had a wonderful time spending an evening at their teacher’s home enjoying a BBQ and movie. The film of choice, “Hidden Figures,” about African-American women scientists who made great strides in science and technology, resonated with the girls. The class then roasted marshmallows over the fireplace and made smores. The night was filled with laughter as the class looked back on the productive and fun year they had. 

The AP students heard from three speakers in the field of science. The first, Dr. Mindy Levine (SKA ’00), an organic chemist at Rhode Island University, is also Mrs. Glatt’s sister, The girls explored how to fix an oil spill, something Dr. Levine would see at her job on a regular working day. She also taught them how to swallow fire.

The next speaker was Melissa Rubin. a physician’s assistant at Montefiore Hospital. Many of the students were interested in the job of a PA.

The third and speaker was Rabbi Dr. Edward Reichman, a lecturer at Yeshiva University as well as an emergency room physician at Montefiore Hospital and the father of AP Bio student Shoshana Reichman. He spoke about his job and the excitement of being an emergency room doctor. He also discussed different halachic questions which may come up in the medical field and recent medical discoveries

After a year of hard work, the girls played a well deserved game of kickball with AP Bio facing off against AP Chem. The students showed up in matching attire as well as face paint. Congratulations to AP Chem on this victory.