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Robotics brings STEM to 4th graders at HALB


The excitement was palpable in the Technology Lab as Mrs. Rubel introduced Cubelets Robotics to the 4th grade boys.

Cubelets are small blocks that are snapped together to make an endless variety of robots with no programming, no small parts to track, and no wires.

Students were grouped in twos and each group received their own Cubelet box to explore the different function of each Cubelet. While each group created their own robots they learned that the Robot they created respond to light and other objects, move, detect temperature, make chirp sounds and have surprisingly lifelike behavior.

Teaching STEM lessons with Cubelets gives students a reason to apply knowledge they’ve already learned, to verbalize it, to put into practice new vocabulary and literacy skills about engineering, problem solving, science, and technology.

As the students continue into 5th grade they will continue to learn to explore engineering and design principles, as a way to solve problems, and to practice designing robotic solutions with Cubelets.