Rambam’s 25th gala


Rambam Mesivta celebrated its 25th gala on motzei Shabbos. 

The dinner highlighted Sarah and Adam Hofstetter as Guests of Honor; Zippy and Avi Fodiman as Parents of the Year, and Rabbi Yitzchak (Mark) Friedman as Rebbe of the Year.

Friends of Rambam were entertained by the reemergence of Ovadya Aryeh and Itsy Alony, who emceed the dinner 10 years ago. Ovadya and Itsy were joined by approximately 20 members of the graduating class of 1997. alumni from the class of 2007 and other years as well.

After the anthems and brief introduction, Rabbi Zev Meir Friedman, Rambam’s Rosh Mesivta, spoke about the message from Parshas Mishpatim which calls on us to push ourselves and leave our comfort zone. “The mitzvah of giving tzedakah is more than just writing a check. It is supposed to entail the process of identification with those in need, feeling their pain,” said Rabbi Friedman quoting Rav Yosef Dov Soloveitchik.

“All of our honorees have gone out of their comfort zone and sacrificed in a manner which has created a Kiddush Hashem,” continued Rabbi Friedman.

The emcees introduced Rabbi Yotav Eliach, Rambam’s principal, who spoke about the school’s commitment to Torah, midos and educational excellence. He spoke about the track record of the hundreds of alumni that Rambam has produced and how they have successfully taken leadership roles in their various communities.

At the conclusion of the presentations and speeches the dance floor was the venue for the next stage of the simcha which was capped off by … desserts!