Rambam ‘teshuva tips’


Rambam Mesivta’s Annual Teshuva-Thon featured Rabbi Herschel Reichman, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva University, as its Maggid Shiur. The learning program, on Tzom Gedalya, featured father and son davening, chavrusah, preparation of sources, and the shiur.

Rabbi Reichman focused on practical aspects of teshuva. In analyzing the sources in Hilchos Teshuva, which the boys prepared with their fathers and Rambam rebbeim, Rabbi Reichman quoted a diyuk that he heard from his rebbe, the Rav.

“Yom Kippur bestows forgiveness not just on those who have repented (the classical explanation of the words of the Rambam) but also on those who haven’t completely forsaken sin but are “in the process on doing teshuva.” As long as one realizes that he has to change for the better, and is committed to strengthening his relationship to Hashem, the process is in effect and Yom Kippur will provide atonement, Rabbi Reichman said.