OU cheers rule change


The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America on Monday welcomes new Department of Health and Human Services guidelines that will expand the ability of employers to exempt their companies from providing certain contraceptive coverage in their health plans if they have religious or moral objections.

“The Trump Administration’s decision to expand the conscience exemptions in the Affordable Care Act is consistent with the long-standing American tradition of trying to avoid infringements upon religion as much as possible,” said OU Executive Director for Public Policy Nathan Diament.

“The Obama Administration’s refusal to utilize other methods to ensure women’s access to certain healthcare services ignored this sensible approach and stoked unnecessary controversy. The new guidance is a return to the proper balance of valuable concerns.”

OU President Mark (Moshe) Bane stated: “The new regulations are good news for all Americans. Religious freedom is a fundamental right for all, so when it is threatened for some, it is threatened for all.”