Open house touts HALB’s DRS


The DRS Yeshiva High School for Boys of the Hebrew Academy of Long Beach hosted over 200 prospective students at its open house last Sunday. The event helped attendees get a real sense of what DRS is all about.

Upon entering the building, every attendee was warmly greeted by DRS Menahel, Rabbi Yisroel Kaminetsky, faculty members, and current DRS students.

Rabbi Kaminetsky and DRS General Studies Principal, Dr. Gerald Kirshenbaum, addressed the crowd, enlightening them about DRS’s strong and challenging curriculum in both limudei kodesh and limudei chol.

Rabbi Kaminetsky stressed that the hallmark of the school is the “personal care, warmth, and attention provided for each individual student.” DRS prides itself on the achdut between classmates, who come to DRS from over 20 different elementary schools, and several different neighborhoods, including Queens, Brooklyn, West Hempstead, the Five Towns, and Great Neck.

Following Rabbi Kaminetsky’s remarks, students headed off to the extra-curricular student fair. Meanwhile, parents heard from DRS faculty members in the science, math, english, and social studies departments. DRS boasts a large curriculum including 14 AP courses, and the opportunity to be involved in several research opportunities in both Science, and Social Studies.

Parents also asked questions of five DRS students. Other sessions included an exploration into the limudei kodesh curriculum and a glimpse into the schools’ extracurricular offerings. There was a “meet the administration” session where Rabbi Kaminetsky and Dr. Kirshenbaum fielded questions.

DRS thanks all those who came to visit the Open House, and look forward to meeting them again in the future!