Mother-daughter dinner at Midreshet Shalhevet


Midreshet Shalhevet recently invited all current students, mothers, and grandmothers, as well as its incoming freshmen, to gather at the annual Mother Daughter Dinner.

The night began with music, food, and an presentation documenting the year to date. The Shalhevet choir enchanted the audience with a set directed by seniors Rivka Raizel Goldschein and Aviva Chait, as well as Morah Andrea Schulman.

After the performance, everyone enjoyed a preview of the then-upcoming school production of High School Musical. Menahelet Esther Eisenman gave a dvar Torah about the qualities of Miriam in Tanach, and drew on those to reflect on the qualities of women and the Midreshet Shalhevet girls.

The night was filled with music, laughter, great food, and amazing company. Incoming freshmen were given the opportunity to socialize with current students, everyone got excited about the play, and current students had the chance to celebrate all of the teams, arts, and activities at Midreshet Shalhevet.