Lipa joins Rambam chorus


Rosh Chodesh Adar at Rambam was a meaningful and boisterous affair that featured a surprise guest: Jewish music superstar — Lipa Schmeltzer.

Rabbi Ari Boiangiu, Rambam Gemara Iyun Rebbe and guitar legend, introduced Lipa after showing a video that highlighted Lipa’s illustrious career. Rabbi Boiangiu rocked the house with Lipa, but not before Lipa shared words of chizuk and a Dvar Torah. One of the highlights of the event, however, was when Lipa called up Rambam’s own music sensations, “The Harmonides,” to perform with him.

The singing and dancing continued as Lipa livestreamed the whole event to his fans. Eventually, the dancing was taken outside where Lipa led the school in more singing as well as chants of “Rambam Mesivta!”