Judge Ruchie Freier inspires girls at HANC


On Wednesday, Feb. 22, HANC High-School hosted Judge Ruchie Freier for girls grades 9 through 12. 

Freier was elected in September to the Kings County 5th Judicial District Criminal Court. She is the first woman in the U.S. from a Chasidic community elected as judge.

In addition, as a paramedic, she founded an organization called Ezras Nashim, comprised of female EMTs who serve the Boro Park community. She also devotes her “spare time” to help youth at risk within her community earn a GED.

Freier shared her personal story and tailored her talk to the students as young women. Her powerful messages to the students resonated on every grade level. The emphasis on constantly including Hashem in one’s life, as well as doing what is right, was an excellent theme for teenagers at this pivotal stage in their lives. She encouraged the girls to adhere to their standards and not compromise no matter what situations they find themselves in. She also expressed the importance of achieving a goal, even when you are doubted.

Freier also emphasized the important role her high-school Torah studies continue to play in her life and how it has propelled her through her personal and professional life. 

Students have continued to express positive feedback, speaking about the lessons they have learned from her. Her sincerity, warmth, and sense of humor, along with the “show and tell albums,” helped the girls absorb her important messages.