It’s a Far Rockaway shabbaton for YOSS


The streets of Far Rockaway were alive with the vibrant sounds of the eighth graders from Yeshiva of South Shore on Shabbos, Parshas Mishpatim.

Due to the amazing hospitality of Rabbi Yisrael Munk, eighth grade rebbe at YOSS, and his rebbitzin, the boys enjoyed a very special Shabbos infused with kedusha from their rebbe and other prominent local rabbonim.

Friday night, Rabbi Munk’s class met at the home and shul of the Menahel HaYeshiva, Rabbi Chanina Herzberg shlit’a, where they greeted Shabbos with an inspiring Kabalas Shabbos, Maariv and quality time with their beloved menahel, who shared divrei bracha with them. Leil Shabbos, the boys were treated to a seudah catered by Rebbitzin Munk, divrei Torah presented by Ari Regensberg and Jojo Reich, and zemiros and camaraderie.

The boys were also able to put on display their midos tovos as they helped Rebbitzin Munk clear and clean up after the seudah. Leil Shabbos continued with the boys and their rebbe walking to Rabbi Moshe and Rebbitzin Shonek’s home for a lively and entertaining Oneg Shabbos.

Rabbi Shonek, renowned eighth grade rebbe at YOSS for over 25 years, and his rebbitzin, have been hosting Oneg Shabbos at their home for over two decades for local Bar Mitzva boys, teens, and bachurim. Afterwards, the boys returned to their respective hosts for a well-deserved (and needed!) sleep, to recharge for the following day to come.

Shabbos morning all of the boys davened at Yeshiva Far Rockaway, where they were greeted by the Hanhalla, and treated to a heartfelt davening. Rabbi Moshe Perr, twelfth grade rebbe at YFR, delivered divrei bracha and they sat with their own rebbe for a special shiur that covered various aspects of the middah of emes, and the importance it plays in our lives. The Shabbos day seudah was in Rabbi Munk’s home, with divrei Torah delivered by Yosef Fertig and Yonatan Beer.

Perhaps the most inspiring part of the entire Shabbos was the time that Rabbi Yechial Perr shlit’a, Rosh Yeshiva at YFR, made for the boys to deliver a special shmooze filled with divrei Chazal, and the unique hashkafa that the Rosh Yeshiva is well known to possess on Torah, avoda, and living a vibrant Jewish life.

The boys came prepared with their own questions, which the Rosh Yeshiva answered for them. He was extremely proud of Baruch Ross, Reuvi Kupchik and Moshe Coronel for their perceptive questions on various topics. He also shared with them stories that he witnessed by his own rebbe, HaGaon Rabbi Aharon Kotler zt’l. The Rosh Yeshiva concluded with a special bracha to all the boys that they continue to grow into Bnei Torah, use all their kochos for good, and have all their requests in life answered by Hashem. Everyone left uplifted and elevated by their time spent with the Rosh Yeshiva.

After Mincha, Shalosh Seudos and Maariv, Motzei Shabbos kicked off with a trip to the YFR gym for basketball. The night concluded with pizza and ice cream.

Much thanks go to Rabbi and Rebbitzin Munk for providing for the boys in such a unique fashion. They truly open up their home for the eighth grade. This Shabbos is surely one to be remembered by the talmidim of Yeshiva of South Shore for many years to come.